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Welcome to the Token community for Lustration
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LUSTRATION is a multiplatform storyworld set in the afterlife, written and directed by Australian First Nation creative, Ryan Griffen

The LUSTRATION story is set in a time after death. The existing world for LUSTRATION is being explored through Graphic Novels and a 4 part immersive VR Series. We have ambitious plans for continuing the existing stories and expanding to new platforms into the future. Hop over to for more on the broader storyworld.

The token community for LUSTRATION includes both NFTs and a social token. Launching in 2022 with multiple phases that are set to integrate with the storyworld of LUSTRATION as we continue to grow and expand it. Through this initiative, we are inviting audiences to become creatively engaged community that has ownership over their experience and contributions.

Scroll down for information on the first phase NFT release and how you can purchase along with information on the full roadmap and future token releases. For full details on the issuance partners, creative reasons and technical approach, head over to our Token White Paper.

Season 1 NFT Collection

Our season 1 of NFTs has been developed to commemorate the first VR series for Lustration. A very limited collection of unique images has been generated from within the production software itself. Each image includes one character in a scene from the series. All NFTs purchase from this first season will include:

  • Access to the first issue of the Graphic Novel in digital format
  • Token gated access to an exclusive Discord channel (only for Token Holders)
  • Airdrops of Lustration Social Tokens when they become available to the public
  • Previews of early access and exclusive content from future seasons.

Follow us on socials or sign up to hear about future token releases.

 View the collection and acquire NFTs on



  • 2018: – Publish first issue of Graphic Novel – DONE
  • 2020: – Develop and release VR prototype – DONE
  • 2021: – Start production on Season 1 of VR Series – DONE
  • 2022 Q1: –
    • World premiere of VR Season 1 at SXSW 2022 – DONE
    • Publicly release Episode 1 on Oculus TV – DONE
    • Launch Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social channels – DONE
    • Launch Discord Server – DONE
  • 2022 Q2: –
    • Publicly release Eps 2, 3 and 4 on Oculus TV – DONE
    • Finalise blockchain strategy – DONE
  • 2022 Q3: –
      • Mint and release Phase 1 of NFTs – DONE
  • 2022 Q4: –
    • Pre-sale of LSTR Social Token – UNDERWAY
    • Mint and release phase 2 of NFTs – PENDING
    • Secure finance for Season 2 of VR Series – PENDING
  • 2023: –
    • Public launch LSTR Social Token – PENDING
    • Launch Season 2 of VR Series – PENDING.
    • Secure finance for Season 3 – PENDING
  • 2024 and beyond: –
    • Finalise DAO for The Between – PENDING
    • Launch Season 3 of VR Series – PENDING
    • Launch persistent online world of The Between – PENDING


Why are you minting on Polygon and not Ethereum?

We have chosen Polygon to minimize gas fees for our community and also due to the carbon neutral environmental approach. We also think Polygon Studios is doing a great job of nurturing the developer & creator community and engaging with entertainment based Web 3 experiences.

How many NFTs are you planning to release?

The first seasons of NFTs will only include 40 unique items. In the second season we are planning to mint more (200+). These NFTs will be ‘souls’ that in habit The Between. This is a different approach to the generative art model of releasing thousands of items, but we also feel it is important to get back to the value of the art and focus on quality, not quantity. 

What do you mean by future exclusive content?

NFT holders from the Season 1 collection will be provided with early access materials on future developments of the series. Some of this may be specific to the characters depicted in the NFTs owned and some may be general but it will be all earlier than the general public and some of it exclusive to token holders. 

How can I participate creatively in future seasons if I am a token holder?

All NFT holders will have voting rights in creative decisions when we start Season 2 of the VR series. When the LSTR token is launched, it will also have voting rights and all NFT holders will be airdropped LSTR tokens free when they are publicly released. 

What rights do token holders have over the content?

Season 1 NFTs will have limited commercial rights associated as this art is based on the core storyworld of Lustration. Season 2 NFTs (Souls from The Between) will hold more rights as these are new characters that will inhabit the world. This second season of NFTs will grant full commercial licenses to the holders to use, while also allowing Lustration to use and feature the characters in future seasons. 

Why are you waiting to offer the LUSTRATION social token?

We want to ensure there is strong value for the holders and are not going to publicly release this token until we are underway on Season 2 of the VR Series. All NFT holders will get free airdrops and pre-sale access to the LSTR token. This token will increase the governance aspects of the community and build towards the DAO that we want to create with The Between.

How can I found out more about the Lustration token strategy

Easy – head over to our White Paper to read more about it. Follow us on socials (links in nav and footer) for more news and to reach out if you have any questions

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